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Naturally a soothing experience!
Growing up with naturally curly hair I had one choice of haircuts. It was always cut short and it was always the same. I was so jealous of all the little girls that had beautiful straight hair and were able to style it so many different ways. Not many stylists knew what to do with curly hair. As an adult, I bounced from one stylist to another for so many years. Then I stumbled across a stylist that "specialized" in curly hair. After my first chemical straightening and cut, I was AMAZED and SHOCKED! I had beautiful straight hair with style! That stylist was Therese and that was almost 20 years ago! She changed my life! Now I have 2 daughters and they have naturally curly hair. They can wear their hair straight or curly with the latest style having Therese as our stylist.
We are thankful to have Therese in our lives as our stylist and as our friend.
Loving curly hair now......
Healthy Life Spa
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